How well do you know the AHCA?
The Senate will vote on the AHCA bill this week.  Learn how AHCA will affect you!
Do you have a pre-existing condition? *

-There is a provision in the ACA that protected people with pre-existing conditions from being charged more for insurance than those without pre-existing conditions.
-Under the ACA, people with pre-existing conditions have guaranteed access to health insurance that covers their needs.
-The AHCA (“WealthCare”) allows states to opt-out from covering essential health benefits, so insurance companies can stop offering plans that cover people with pre-existing conditions.  This could/would drive up the price consumers pay for plans that offer more coverage than they need to get sufficient coverage.  The likely result would be that people would not be able to afford the insurance they need.
-Under the TrumpCare bill, people with pre-existing conditions will no longer be protected and if affordable plans don’t cover their needs, they will either have to pay a LOT more or not get coverage.

AHCA VS Females

Are you a female? *

1.    Are you pregnant? *

Are you planning to have children in the near future? *

Do you use birth control? *

Are you a victim of domestic abuse? *

-The AHCA (“WealthCare” or TrumpCare) leaves the door open to states to seek a waiver from the federal provision that requires insurance companies to provide coverage regardless of their medical history.
-Sexual assault, domestic violence, postpartum depression, pregnancy, and C-Sections are pre-existing conditions.
-TrumpCare will also allow insurers to opt-out of the ACA’s ten essential health benefits.  This would include maternity and newborn care, preventive care like mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, birth control and access to free or low cost breast pumps.

-TrumpCare will eliminate federal funding to Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood provides critical care to women, which includes breast cancer screenings and birth control.  Millions of American women (especially low-income and young women) rely on Planned Parenthood to help them with critical health care.
-The TrumpCare bill does not cover abortions.  Plans purchased using funding from TrumpCare cannot be used to cover abortions.  These funds also cannot be given to healthcare providers that offer abortion services.  (This basically defunds Planned Parenthood.)

AHCA VS Your Children

Does your child have a disability? *

Does your child have a pre-existing condition? *

-WealthCare (TrumpCare) will drastically reduce Medicaid spending over time, which means that Nonprofit Children’s hospitals that rely on Medicaid money will have a catastrophic reduction in funding.
-Children with pre-existing conditions will be charged much more for coverage under TrumpCare(WealthCare).

AHCA VS The Elderly & Retired

Are you a low income elderly person? *

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home *

Do you currently have Medicare? *

-WealthCare retains all of the ACA changes that affect Medicare beneficiaries.
-Medicare will still cover preventive care.
-Annual wellness visits will also be included.

AHCA VS Your Health Insurance

Do you currently have Health insurance? *

Are you insured through an employer? *

Are you insured through ACA? *

Do you currently have Medicaid? *

Are you concerned that you might not be able to afford health insurance if you or your spouse loses their job? *

-TrumpCare significantly changes how the federal government subsidizes individual health plans and funds Medicaid.  (Medicaid, a government program, helps low-income Americans pay for their health care.)  TrumpCare gradually phases out the Medicaid expansion program.
-The ACA Medicaid expansion (for those making 100% to 138% of the federal poverty level) will be phased out over 4 years.
-This means that although the Medicaid expansion will save the federal government money, people who have gained access to Medicaid will be rolled off.  These people would get less tax credits and would have to access insurance coverage through the individual insurance market.

Will you or anyone you know be adversely affected by TrumpCare (WealthCare)? *

-TrumpCare (WealthCare) is written in such a way that it will repeal billions of dollars in taxes for mostly the richest Americans.
-The Senate has proposed tax credits based on income levels.  The bill gives tax credits to anyone making up to 350% of the federal poverty level.
-The WealthCare bill is less generous as a person ages.

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